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EMCE GmbH offers a wide spectrum of services for EMC testing and CE certifications. EMCE GmbH offers all services required to obtain the CE sign, such as all EMC tests (emmision tests, interference tests, burst and surge tests, ESD tests). Those tests are performed in compliance to the harmonized European regulations, and if required, to the FCC regulations as well.

Additionally, all pre-test and post-test activities such as consulting about EMC efficient circuit and layout design and series checks can be provided as well. EMCE GmbH is equipped with the most modern measuring equipment. This, and the high degree of competence of EMCE's staff has lead to high customer contentment. EMCE GmbH also received accreditation by the "Deutscher Akkreditierungsrat" (DAR).

Being part of EMCE's equipment are:

  • 3m and 10m open area test site
  • Shielded EMI cabin
  • 3m full anechoic chamber
  • Interference 5Hz - 1000MHz
  • Harmonic Analyzer / Flickermeter
  • Immunity test methods in accordance to EN 61000-4-2 /3 /4 /5 /6 /8 /11 /13
  • EMF

I can personally recommend EMCE GmbH to be one of the best in southern Germany.



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