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Volker Typke

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Note: I do not accept email as legal mail. If you wish to send legal documents to me, please use standard mail. My address can be found out easily, so I do not publish it on this site.

I do preserve the right to mistrust email or email identity and I preserve the right to ignore email. Due to the fact that spam has become one of the major problems concerning email, your email may also be filtered out automatically by my spam filters. Please accept my apologies, should your email not be answered.



The author explicitly disclaims any warranty for the correctness of information published on this website. This website also contains links to external websites, which are not under control of the author. For all those websites, the following statement applies:

The author explicitly disclaims any warranty and representation for the information of external websites linked to this website. For the contents of external websites that are linked to this website, only the respective provider is responsible and liable.

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Information on this web site is mostly written and owned by myself, but exceptions may exist. You may use the information provided on this web site for private and non-commercial use. You may not copy, publish or include information published on this web site for use on your own web site or documents. However, you may link to this web site, provided that this web site will be displayed on its own and will not be made part of your web site (e. g. using frames).

Most of the images on this web site are owned by myself. Images that are not owned by myself are images of friends or business partners, who have provided these images for me to use on this web site. None of the images on this web site may not be copied, modified or otherwise used by you except for viewing this web site. Legal actions will be taken if I find images that are owned by me in documents other than this web site.

As this page links to external pages, I will grant each owner of a linked web site to ask for removal of the respective link. Please allow up to one month for me to remove any unwanted links. To remove a link, I will need proof of ownership of the respective web site.


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